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Services we provide:

PRE-ENTRY: (In the term prior to full-time kindy)
This is an opportunity for children to get to know the kindergarten, its routine, staff and other children before starting full time kindergarten. We have one intake of children in term one. This means we run pre-entry in term four. Please contact the kindergarten for further information on our Pre-entry program.

Full time kindergarten comprises of 15 hours per week for the 12 months prior to school entry. The policy of the Department of Education and Child Development (DECD) is that children are entitled to no more than four terms of “full time kindergarten” before starting school. Children with special needs may attend kindy for longer than four terms if they would benefit by early entry or an extension of time.
This needs to be done in consultation with, and at the discretion of the Director.

Families can access this service for their child from 8:30-9am (before the kindergarten session begins) and from 3-3:30pm (after the kindergarten session has finished). There is a fee of $5 per care service . This can be arranged with the Director as a permanent booking or as a casual booking on the days your child attends kindergarten.

Occasionally a special situation may arise when children need care for longer than their normal session. “Emergency Care” may be arranged with the Director (at the Director’s discretion). There is a fee for this service.

"Playgroup" is for children younger than kindergarten age. A parent or care-provider is required to remain with the child at all times and be responsible for their child’s play and packing up. There is a small fee of $3 per family for each playgroup session. Further details are available from the staff.

Our centre has access to outside specialist personnel such as, Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers and Special Education Advisors. Children who have additional developmental needs may be supported by the service. Discussions between parents and staff may indicate the need for a referral for additional support.

Every term the team from C.Y.H. come to Kindy to check children’s vision, hearing, and general development. Each child is eligible for an appointment with the team sometime between 4 years 3 months and 5 years of age. There are forms and questionnaires to fill in and return to Kindy prior to the appointment. Parents or a caregiver are required to go with their child. If there are any areas of concern the nurse will refer the child on to the appropriate professional. Kindy staff organise appointments with parents.

The children in full time kindergarten are encouraged to bring a library bag to kindy to so they can borrow library books. The children are able to borrow two books at the beginning of any session. We have a wide range of books, including fiction, non fiction and Christian based stories. We also offer Literacy Kits which can be borrowed overnight. These are kits containing a book and something special related to the text. Some of the children’s favourite stories have been made into these kits.